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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How do I watch online videos - What are the requirements?
A. Watching AFM videos online is fairly simple, and only requires a modern web browser that will play HTML5 video, a PC, or MAC with a Hi Speed connection to the internet. Cable connections work better than DSL, because cable is faster and allows better streaming of the video file.

Check your Bandwidth
Our videos are encoded at 768Kbps this requires a hi speed internet connection.
Test your bandwidth: Click Here
This test will determine your bandwidth ability and does not take into effect network congestion which will dramatically reduce your ability to play the videos successfully. If your bandwidth shows up in the list at above 768Kbps then technically speaking you should be able to watch the videos un-interrupted. Often times even at higher bandwidth the video will stall or appear to freeze due to missing or interrupted video stream, most often caused by network congestion. If a video freezes during playback you should simply wait on the stream to resume, once the video stream has returned, the video will begin playing again.

Users with slow, or low bandwidth should wait before pressing play, this allows the video to begin downloading before playback is started. By waiting for several minutes your letting the movide download and can expect better playback, in extreme cases where bandwidth is very low, it is possible to let the entire video download before starting playback. Some of the longer videos can take over an hour to download on the low bandwidth connections, or connections with a lot of network congestion. The longer you wait the better the playback will be.

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Q. I would like to try to stream the streaming videos you guys have, but I have tried this before with coaches choice videos and it failed miserably on my tablets and computer, buffering constantly and making the videos unwatchable. Is there a way that I could try this first, before paying the full $150 to use it, or is it possible to cancel it if it does not work well at my house?
Thanks, Josiah Roberts
A. Coach,

AFM accepts this challenge. We have hundreds of members and no complaints, one coach in France is totally thrilled. We have our own hi speed dedicated server sitting on the backbone of the internet.

I have prepared a video for you to preview as our guest. Since you are a DC I thought you might like John Thompson and the 3-3 Gator video.

This is a temporary file that I will delete soon, so please let me know the results of your test.


Thank you,

Mark Taylor
AFM Media, LLC.

Response from Coach Roberts:

It worked great! Thank you very much for letting me make sure it works before I sign up. It will be easier to convince my wife this is worthwhile since we know it works.

Thanks again,

Josiah Roberts

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Q. Are all videos available to streaming service?
A. No, premiere releases are only available on DVD or download, premiere releases will be added to the streaming service at a future date.

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Q. How Do Buy Now Watch Now Videos work?
A. Once you purchase a "Buy Now Watch Now" Video, it is available to watch online 24/7. You access them from your "Digital Video Library" on your "MY Account" page. All "Buy Now Watch Now" videos are also shipped to you on a DVD via standard mail at the time of purchase. You may upgrade the shipping if you need it sooner.

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Q. Can I use my AFM subscriber User Name (email) and Password?
A. YES, you can use your AFM subscriber User Name (your email address) and Password, however the subscriber data base, and the online shopping data base are separate and require you to login at both sites. You would need to make a purchase, or setup your shopping account sperately, the information from your subscriber account is not automatically put into the shopping data.

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Q. I can hear the sound but dont see a picture, the screen is blank?
A. The "Buy Now Watch Now" streaming videos require Flash Player version 8 or later. We have found that playing them in older versions will cause the video to not be displayed. To determine what version of flash player you have, load a "Buy Now Watch Now" video or preview and right click on the screen.

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Q. How do I watch the Buy Now Watch Now Videos once I have purchased them?
A. Any Buy Now Watch Now Videos that you have purchased will appear in your own personal AFM Digital Library. To access them you must first click on the "My AFM" link available in the top navigation bar, or on your receipt. Once you enter your personalized "My AFM" page the Buy Now Watch Now videos will appear under the heading "My AFM Streaming Video Library" you can then click on the title to load it into your digital movie player.

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Q. Can I share online access to my Buy Now Watch Now videos with others?
A. No, for your protection it is strictly prohibited, if you give out your user name and password to others they will have access to your personal confidential information, such as your credit card number. We take every precaution not to disclose your personal information, you also have a responsiblity to not disclose your user name and password to others. Violation of this policy could result in termination of your account.

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Q. The video stops or freezes during playback.
A. Most likely the problem is occurring due to network congestion, I have noticed this same problem at different times of the day, other times the videos play fine. It is due to bandwidth limitations of the internet, and when this occurs it is called "buffering", what happens is the stream is interrupted because there is not enough "space" between our server, and your internet connection for the video to stream through un-interrupted. It is normal for this to occur, however hi speed DSL, cable and faster internet connections experience this less frequently. My experience has been that the stream/video will continue to play once the stream finds enough space to resume. Usually on my end when this occurs it only lasts for 10-20 seconds and then the video continues. When this occurs, do not click on stop and try to restart, wait for a few minutes to see if the video resumes.

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Q. How can I tell if my order has shipped?
A. The shipping date will appear on the receipt for your order once it has been shipped, please check yor receipt by visiting your "My AFM" page and check your order history, then click on the receipt you are inquiring about.

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Q. How often do new videos come out?
A. Currently we are releasing 1 - 2 new videos every Tuesday so please check back often.

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Q. How much is shipping on "Buy Now Watch Now" videos?
A. Shipping via regular USPS is always FREE for "Buy Now Watch Now" videos plus you have instant access to watch your videos in your "My AFM" video library so you don't have to wait. No shipping costs and no waiting. Can it get any better?

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Q. When will my order be shipped?
A. All orders are processed within 24 business hours of being placed. Our business hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday - Friday, excluding major holidays.

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Q. How can I order videos without using a credit card? I need the bill sent to the school for payment to be made.
A. We would need to have a purchase order from your school which we do not accept online currently. The fastest way to process orders with a PO is to fax the PO to 561-627-3447. You will then need to call us at 1-800-537-4271 Option 1 (in the US) or 561-627-3393 Option 1 (outside the US) and a customer service agent will be able to process your order immediately allowing you all the advantages of credit card orders.

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Q. What is the return policy for AFM videos?
Due to the nature of the information being sold, we unfortunately cannot accept returns of DVD's or reference information once the order has been confirmed. Please be sure to read all available information about the item before you place your order.
Every item we sell is carefully inspected before it is shipped. If merchandise is defective or damaged upon receipt, please contact us immediately after your package arrives. All claims including shipping errors MUST be made within 14 days of receipt of order. No Exceptions. Your item(s) will be replaced and sent to you first class flat rate mail at no charge. Please contact us at or by calling 1-800-537-4271.
All orders that have not been received must be claimed within 30 days of the order being placed.

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