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LP287- Wing-T From The Shotgun: Part 2

The Wing-T offense is an extremely difficult for opposing defenses to prepare and game plan for. In part 2 of this best-selling series from Gridiron Strategies, youll get a complete look at utilizing the shotgun in the Wing-T. Part 2 covers a wide range of wing-T shotgun topics including 3-step vari ... more
$ 9.95

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LP270- Wing-T From The Shotgun: Part 1

The wing-T offense is one of the most flexible offenses in all of football. On any given play, the wing-T offense gives you the versatility to run, pass or to use the option. This makes the Wing-T extremely difficult for opposing defenses to prepare and game plan for. In this jam-packed report, youl ... more
$ 7.95

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LP247- The Single-Wing Offense

This special coaching report details all the critical ins and outs of running the Single Wing Offense in todays modern game! Complete with articles, drills, in-depth strategies and over 100 diagrams from some of today brightest and best single wing coaches, this report is guaranteed to open your ... more

$ 9.95

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LP243- The Wing-T Offense: An Offensive Line Manual

The Wing-T Offense has long been one of footballs most unpredictable, tough-to-stop offenses. This information-packed 16-page Special Coaching Report highlights some of the Wing-T Offenses most powerful plays, as well as takes an in-depth look at the blocking schemes and responsibilities for the off ... more
$ 9.95

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LP219- Teaching High-School Offense Linemen

Geared specifically for the instruction of high school linemen, this 8-page special report details practical teaching progressions (some established and some new and unique) that are proven to develop offensive line play for big results. In addition to a comprehensive section on keys like stance, ex ... more
$ 7.95

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LP202- Gun On The Run

If you’re looking to add an offensive package to your attack that keeps the defense off balance and spreads the field wide, then you’ll definitely want to check out this Special Coaching Report. Featuring over 30 detailed and fully illustrated diagrams, you’ll see the versatile and unpredictab ... more
$ 7.95

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LP2013- Complete Package of Best of Gridiron Reports

Order the complete set of Gridiron Coaching reports and save over 30%.


LP128 221 Winning Gridiron Strategies 9.95
LP131 Defensive Plans 7.95< ... more


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LP192- Defending The Red Zone

When your opponent is nearing the goal line, it’s time for your defense to buckle down and stop them in their tracks! This 8-page Special Coaching Report breaks down all the concepts and theories that are critical to having defensive success in the red zone. With a detailed analysis of what offens ... more
$ 7.95

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LP180- Better Blitzing: Proven Pass Rushes That Work

Turn the heat up on opposing offenses with this 16-page report that’s full of detailed schemes, stunts and rush packages to bolster the intensity and aggressiveness of your defense. The finest professional, college and high school coaches in the country outline how to ratchet up the defensive pres ... more
$ 9.95

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LP157- Offensive Plans

This Special Coaching Report contains everything you need to prepare your offense for the next big game. It contains valuable information on how to prepare a successful offensive strategy and much more to help you build a winning offense. Check out complete down-and-distance charts for running and p ... more
$ 7.95

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EZ-1.0-H- EZ Call Play Calling System - Hard Copy

The Easiest and Most Efficient Play Calling System in Football Today

With the EZ Call system you will get more snaps per game, more practice reps, no more missed assignments, increase your scoring average, eliminate delay of game and procedure penalties, teach complex schemes w ... more

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EZ-1.0-D- EZ Call Play Calling System - Digital Download

The Easiest and Most Efficient Play Calling System in Football Today

This is a digital download only version, you will receive a download link when purchased.

With the EZ Call system you will get more snaps per game, more practice reps, no more missed assi ... more

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AF-1501M- No Huddle No Mercy - Coaches Manual 133 Pages

The Fast Tempo, High Scoring No Huddle No Mercy Offense Coaches Manual

133 Pages of Diagrams, Charts and Notes from the DVD series. more


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AF-1501D- No Huddle No Mercy - Coaches Manual Digital Download

The Fast Tempo, High Scoring No Huddle No Mercy Offense Coaches Manual - Digital Download

133 Pages of Diagrams, Charts and Notes from ... more


This Product is Specially Priced
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AF-1106M- Spread Wing-T Installation Manual

Coach Hargitt, now the Passing Game Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach at Nation Ford High School in Ft. Mill, SC, has a 6 DVD series on the Spread Wing-T. This Manual covers the installation of the offense, and includes over 60 pages of diagrams and descriptions of plays and how to install the s ... more


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AF-1104M- The Pistol-Flex Triple Option Manual

A hybrid of both the Pistol and Flexbone, the Pistol-Flex Triple Option offense creates the most fundamentally sound triple option attack. In this detailed manual, Coach Paul Markowski of Simon Fraser University explains the strengths of this offense, diagrams both running and pass plays, and includ ... more

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AF-0981M- The Complete Guide to Installing a No-Huddle Offense

In his new "Full Throttle Football" manual, Coach Sam Nichols takes a detailed look at the No-Huddle Offense and provides in-depth instructions on how to make it work for your team.

This 71-page manual contains chapters on organizing your plays, creating signals, installing the sys ... more

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AF-0724M- The Shotgun Zone Fly-Installation Manual

How about back-to-back undefeated regular seasons with a diversified run game out of the Shotgun offense? And a rushing attack that has had consecutive seasons of more than 4,000 yards. And one play that has accounted for over 1,000 yards each year by itself…

Since head coach Bryon Hami ... more
Records 241 to 258 of 258   -  Displaying all Products

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Adapting the Up-Tempo Spread Offense To Today's Wing-T -The Run Game 2 Disc Set
No Huddle Power Pistol - The Running Game

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