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WN-12022 - Winning Coaching Points for Tight Ends

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Veteran college coach Tim Salem recently completed a series of DVDs, now available at In this DVD, Coach Salem discusses tight end play philosophy and objectives, blocking techniques and drills, detailed routes and pass plays, and what the proper demeanor of a tight end should be. Additionally, what are the key elements in maximizing your tight ends performance?

In this DVD, you will learn from Coach Salem:

What the objectives of a tight end should be.
The elements of a tight ends demeanor.
Importance of the 4 As alignment, assignment, adjustment, and attitude.
The keys to humiliaTE the backside and dominaTE the frontside.
Importance of hand placement in proper blocking techniques.
Techniques for four different blocks drive, reach, cut off and down.
Proper progression of making a block.
Correct contact with the blocker punch, strike, eye contact and pad-under-pad.
Importance of the finish and follow through.
Route techniques for the tight end.
TE drills with red bags to simulate a defender.
The TE being an extension of the line and understanding both line blocking and proper pass protection.
Importance of adjustments on each play.
Having knowledge of the concept of each call, timing necessary, and blocking adjustments.
Why many blocks fail.
Keys to making each block effective.
Determining if your assignment is against a penetrator or a reader?

51 mins
Winning Coaching Points for Tight Ends
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